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Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals

Its human nature that they are always attracted to danger, dangerous situations or dangerous animals, in fact the danger is in form of any object or animals but it physiologically grabs the attention. Sometimes it’s really hard to differentiate that either the cute looking creature is well enough to be kept as pet or is deadly enough to stay away for lifetime, simple is the example of the adorable looking puffer fish which automatically brings smiles on your face after looking at it but in reality its considered in some of the most deadliest animals on our planet. Our world is highly enriched with many animal species which can be counted in most dangerous animals in different aspects. There are some common things which define exactly define easily that how dangerous animals these are and what kind of methods they can use to harm you either by their paws, teeth, size, weight, poison (if present in any), attacks on humans, injuries or deaths caused by them. Although there are many dangerous creatures on our planet which can be counted in the list of most dangerous animals but we are going to list them on fair views rather than individual choices. So be aware whenever you get encountered with them.


10. Bears


Photo credit = firstpeople.us

If you are getting an image of cute little bear stuff toys which you used to have in your childhood than leave that thoughts aside because we are talking about real bears here and each bear holds the strength of almost most than 12 adult men. There are total 8 types of bear species and they fit completely in to list of most dangerous animals because of their claws, weight, strength and teeth. When a fully grown adult bear stands on its hind legs than it can easily reach up to 8 feet tall or sometimes in rare cases it may reach up to 9 feet tall depending on the size of the bear and they would not hesitate to attack on humans if they find them trespassing their territory or find humans threatening their young ones. But usually bears don’t attack humans much but they are among the most dangerous animals on earth. On annual basis deaths caused by bears varies in between 5 to 10.

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