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Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals

Its human nature that they are always attracted to danger, dangerous situations or dangerous animals, in fact the danger is in form of any object or animals but it physiologically grabs the attention. Sometimes it’s really hard to differentiate that either the cute looking creature is well enough to be kept as pet or is deadly enough to stay away for lifetime, simple is the example of the adorable looking puffer fish which automatically brings smiles on your face after looking at it but in reality its considered in some of the most deadliest animals on our planet. Our world is highly enriched with many animal species which can be counted in most dangerous animals in different aspects. There are some common things which define exactly define easily that how dangerous animals these are and what kind of methods they can use to harm you either by their paws, teeth, size, weight, poison (if present in any), attacks on humans, injuries or deaths caused by them. Although there are many dangerous creatures on our planet which can be counted in the list of most dangerous animals but we are going to list them on fair views rather than individual choices. So be aware whenever you get encountered with them.


10. Bears


Photo credit = firstpeople.us

If you are getting an image of cute little bear stuff toys which you used to have in your childhood than leave that thoughts aside because we are talking about real bears here and each bear holds the strength of almost most than 12 adult men. There are total 8 types of bear species and they fit completely in to list of most dangerous animals because of their claws, weight, strength and teeth. When a fully grown adult bear stands on its hind legs than it can easily reach up to 8 feet tall or sometimes in rare cases it may reach up to 9 feet tall depending on the size of the bear and they would not hesitate to attack on humans if they find them trespassing their territory or find humans threatening their young ones. But usually bears don’t attack humans much but they are among the most dangerous animals on earth. On annual basis deaths caused by bears varies in between 5 to 10.


9. Lions


Photo credit = worldhdwallpaper.com

Ruthless strength, aggressive nature, fierce predator, massive strength! That’s right we are talking about the king of Jungle and one of the most dangerous animals present today, the Lion. The fully grown adult Lions usually weigh in between 160 to 250 kilograms and they usually hunt in form of groups which makes it even easier to bring down its prey.  Although as compared to their strength, aggressiveness and fierce attitude towards its prey, it’s a relief that they are usually away from the human civilizations and don’t attack humans much until or unless they are really hungry. When it comes to deaths caused by animals than these dangerous animals somehow make up on this list because every year around 50 to 100 people face their doomsday because of Lions.


8. Sharks


Photo credit = wikipedia.org

Sharks are the most savage predators of oceans and none of the ocean based predators dare to attack them because of their strength and size. One interesting thing to know is that there are around 400 species of sharks and on average basis each shark has 450 teeth which are quite huge as compared to our set of 32 teeth. The teeth of sharks are naturally arranged in rows and set so once any pray caught it’s almost impossible to escape because of powerful and piercing jaws with razor sharp teeth which can crush the human bones just like we crush toothpicks. Since the dinosaurs times the sharks have dominated the seas and oceans of the world and there have been countless movies made on it explaining the sharks so it’s kind of wrong to not count them in the most dangerous animals. On annual basis, around 100 to 125 deaths are caused by shark attacks and twice or even a bit more injuries are reported due to shark attacks especially to divers and sea explorers.


7. Jellyfish


Photo credit = thisiscolossal.com

Don’t get confused by looking at these cute and adorable looking jellyfishes at first sight. The cute and cuddly looking sea creatures are counted in the most dangerous animals on our planet due to their main defensive and extremely weapon, their poisonous tentacles attached with their tails. If your luck ran out and somehow you get caught by these poisonous tentacles than it will directly affect the central nervous system and if timely medication or treatment is not taken than you can easily die due to the toxic venom present in these jellyfish tentacles. One interesting thing to know is that there are over 30k species of jellyfish present in the oceans of the world and usually found in the deep sea and sometimes also seen on seashores. The weight of Jelly fish varies from 1 pound to 400 pounds depending on their species. Every year around 150 to 200 people die just because of getting badly tangled by these cute looking creatures.


6. Elephant


Photo credit = cityofshamballa.net

Elephants are currently the largest land mammals on earth and are no doubt idly counted in the most dangerous animals of the world as well due to their massive strength and sensitive nature which can turn in to violate ruthless aggression in no time if disturbed against their will or when it comes to the protection of their young ones. Now here comes a thought for a while that whenever we visit the zoo and get very close to elephants in the zoo than they react nothing rather than just standing and flipping their long ears. This is because they are used to humans and know it that they are not a threat, at least not in the zoo but if you look at the wildlife elephants than this is kind of totally opposite. The wild life Africans are very much territorial and would not hesitate to charge back for attack if you even reach in the range of 100 meters around them. For most of the countries elephant is the national symbol and they pet them for their national occasions but the wild life elephants especially the African Elephant is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet because it has no equal size predator to hunt him down.  On annual basis there are around 500 to 550 deaths caused by elephants and most of them are in Africa.


5. Hippopotamus


Photo credit = u-baloo.deviantart.com

Hippopotamus are notoriously aggressive animals when it comes to territorial threat or when defending their young ones from other predators. Hippopotamus are basically aquatic animals but they live on land too along with spending more than 70 % of their life in water. Comparing to their physical appearance it’s almost impossible to believe that these bulky huge dangerous animals can reach up to the speed of 30 miles per hour while running on land. Hippopotamus size varies on the basis of its age but they can reach up to 3.5 tons and the worst predators on earth cant hunt them alone because of their aggressive nature and powerful bite which can tear them a part. While making this post we came to know that Hippopotamus are responsible for more than 2,800 deaths of human beings every year so you better always stay away from these dangerous animals.


4. Crocodile


Photo credit = theoldcloak.deviantart.com

On Africa’s wild savannas, the lions still lead on land but its water world is ruled by a bigger and vicious killer. Crocodiles are considered among the most dangerous animals on earth since the dinosaurs time and currently is the largest reptile present on earth. Scientists have proved that the crocodile species are over 60 million years old. Which makes this brutal predator even more dangerous is its deadly biting power which is beyond expectations and considered to be the strongest bite among animals on our planet with the pressure of 3,700 psi (pressure per square inch) and trust me you don’t want to get even close to this beast in water because it can not only tear you apart but can reach you in no time because of their fast swimming abilities. One more naturally dangerous talent which this dangerous animal has its death roll ability to catch it’s pray and spins unremittingly after catching its prey before it comes to death. The biggest crocodile ever found was around 21 feet long and weighed around 2,370 pounds so you can easily imagine the average size of this creature. On annual basis the deaths caused by crocodiles are around 2,900 to 3,000 and most of them are in Africa.


3. Scorpion


Photo credit = wandervogeldiary.wordpress.com

Scorpions are those dangerous animals which can become the cause of your death because of their venom which they can inject in your body by stinging you from the back top of their tail. Although they are comparatively small enough to be crushed under your feet but be careful while dealing with them because dealing with scorpions can be tricky because it’s a merciless predator. There are around 1,700 species of scorpions out there and almost all of them include the venom, some has it in low potency while some has it in leading towards your death potency.  One shocking thing to know that scorpions ancestors used to be more than 3 feet long but thank God the scorpions now days are not much bigger. On annual basis around 5000 to 5500 people die every year just because of scorpions.


2. Snakes


Photo credit = sodahead.com

In total there are around 2,700 snakes species present in the world and out of these 450 are considered to be deadly enough or poisonous snakes with venom enough to kill the humans. Snakes are one of the dangerous animals which are found in almost every country of the world varying from 4 inches to 25 feet long depending on their species. Normally snakes don’t bite humans until or unless they are provoked or feel a real threat from humans. Almost all snakes are carnivorous and they eat small lizards or snakes much smaller to their own size, rodents, bird’s eggs and insects. There are many poisonous snakes present in the world especially in India and every year around 100,000 people face their death just because of snake bites and most of them are in India.


1. Mosquito


Photo credit = animals.nationalgeographic.com

Now this might look like a joke but it’s true, the most dangerous animal of the world is Mosquito because this tiny little creature is responsible for the most deaths caused every year. You might be thinking that we can easily crush this creature in between our fingers without any force applied or even a simple mosquito killer spray is enough to get rid of them but these tiny little mosquitoes are creepy enough to deal with. The main killer weapon of mosquito is its bite which can cause a little itch but the real damage is done because they carry diseases and infections and transmit them from one body to another and the most common disease caused by them is Malaria, although there are many more disease which can be caused by their bite but Malaria is the most common of them all. On annual basis more than 2 million people die just because of Mosquitoes and trust me you want to keep your house clean from them because these tiny creepy flying insects can enter anywhere without an invitation so it’s better to use any mosquito killer spray if you come to find that your house have some.


Bonus = Human


Photo credit = althouse.blogspot.com

We know it might not be according to topic but it surely is worthy information to know that humans are themselves one of the biggest enemies of humans because every year around half a million people killed directly or indirectly from human attacks and this figure is rising day by day so we decided to include it also in the list of most dangerous animals.

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