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Top 10 Most Devastating Natural Disasters Ever

Natural disasters are the worst things mother nature through at us and to some extent it causes massive destruction. Our world has faced many types of natural disasters including tsunamis that obliterate our best defense measures, Volcano eruptions that have killed millions, earthquakes that have tremble the worlds base line, tornados that have become the cause of destruction of billions in value and millions in lives and diseases that have caused the extinction of human race in many areas. The moment when the force of nature collides with humanity, than it’s a common thing that results are tragic.   There have been many catastrophes which changed the way of life and made human beings helpless against nature but we are going to list down top 10 most devastating natural disasters which have not only caused a huge financial loss but are also responsible for maximum human deaths. The following list of devastating natural disasters is been made on many factors including, Death toll, magnitude, the lasting legacy and the economic cost of the damage caused. Well one thing which we observed in detail while doing our research is that China is the biggest victim of natural disasters and has faced many since decades.



10. Bangladesh cyclone 1991 Bangladesh

1991 Bangladesh cyclone

Photo credit = www.wikipedia.org

After one of the most terrifying natural disasters of Bhola Cyclone in 1970, Bangladesh once again faced a deadly Cyclone in 1991. Although this cyclone was comparatively less devastating to Bhola Cyclone in death toll but it caused huge damages in economy and financial way. The cyclone hit the densely populated city Chittagong of Bangladesh and splashing winds of 155 miles per hour speed splashed the city with extremely huge losses. The after effects were shocking because more than 10 million people became homeless just because of this cyclone and 138,000 people lost their lives. Around 100,000 businesses were doomed and 25,000 people got injured. Bangladesh had faced some natural disasters in the past but this one totally destroyed the backbone of the country for once and it took around 5 years for Bangladesh to get back to its legs after the lethal damages done by the Bangladesh cyclone in 1991.


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