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Top 10 Search Engines

Search Engines, The first thing what comes to our mind after listening of reading the word search engine is Google. Well you are right because Google is currently the biggest market share holder giant in category of search engines but you would be surprised a bit to know that there are more than 290 search engine all over the internet. Basically users rely on Search engines to get timely, accurate and relevant information for the queries which they are searching for ad the better results they get from any search engine the more they are going to use it. Different search engines have their own way of collecting information and presenting it to their users in results of their queries. The following list of Top 10 most popular search engines is made on the basis of real time users and reviews as well as some other major internet review sites factors as well including their Alexa rank, Quantcast rank, compete rank and their estimated monthly users.

Let’s just make it more interesting before moving further down the list. Do some brain storming and how many search Engines comes to your mind.


10. Blekko

blekko search engine

Photo credit = www.ubergizmo.com

Blekko basically belongs to a company whos main aim and goal is to provide better quality of information as compared to other major search engines. Blekko was launched in November 2010 and if we look at the other search engines present on our list than no doubt the performance and growing of Blekko is remarkable. One new thing which Blekko introduced thats becoming its major growth aspect and thats the slash tag search system in which the users can get the results specifically for the things which they are looking for. With consistent upgrading and improvisation Blekko is becoming popular day by day. Currently Blekko holds the last position on our list but who know in next couple of years this can be your major search engine.

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