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Top 10 Tallest Wrestlers ever

Top 10 tallest wrestlers ever existed in this world is one of the most difficult things to find out. Wrestling is one of the most favorite sports from centuries and till today it’s been preferred by almost every sports loving fan. Although it has been divided in to various forms but we are just emphasizing on those wrestlers or fighters who were the tallest wrestlers existed in the wrestling world. Before continuing with the list we would like to clarify that there are several misconceptions and rumors about the heights of these wrestlers. As people don’t go in to that much depth so that’s why they are not familiar with the exact height figures. After doing the research from multiple sources and different websites we have brought you this list of tallest wrestlers with their real height stats so that the wrestling fans should be aware of their ideal tall wrestler’s height. Enjoy and share the knowledge with your friends.

10. Eli Cottonwood

Tallest Wrestlers

Photo credit = www.onlineworldofwrestling.com

Eli Cottonwood is one of the rising stars in wrestling world whose real name is Kipp Christianson . You might have not seen or heard about him much because he is not on the screen much till now. Eli Cottonwood was the contender WWE NXT program in which he was eliminated in the 8th week of his trial among the rest of WWE NXT members. Eli Cottonwood has been in the professional wrestling from last 3 years but till now he has not gained that recognition level which the other wrestling giants have achieved.  The height of Kipp Christianson is exact 7 feet with the body weight of 138 kg (304 lb).

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