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Top 10 Youngest Academy Award winners

It’s a dream of every actor and artist to win the Academy Award. This is the most prestigious and treasured Award for anyone related to film circles. Winning this award, which is also commonly known as Oscars, is a true honor as they are given to only the best. The Academy awards are the pinnacle of appreciation an actor could get for the countless hours he or she spent preparing and delivering a role. Performers like Katherine Hepburn (4 Oscars) and Jack Nicolson (3 Oscars) hold the record for most wins and are an inspiration to all other actors young and old. Some actors and actresses have given many impressive performances in their career but are still waiting to win an Academy Award while some win it in a very short span of time. Although we are not referring to Leonardo di Caprio, Jennifer Lawrence or any other actors, there have been people who have amazed the world with their exceptional performances and got the honor of winning the Academy Award at a very early stage of their career. The following are the youngest Academy Award winners ever existed to win the Oscar.


10. Cuba Gooding, Jr

Cuba Gooding Jr

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Cuba Gooding, Jr is well known for some of his outstanding performances in movies including Boyz n the hood, As good as it gets and Jerry Maguire, which won him the Academy Award for best supporting actor. Cuba Gooding won the Academy Award at the age of 28.

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