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Top 10 Youngest Academy Award winners

It’s a dream of every actor and artist to win the Academy Award. This is the most prestigious and treasured Award for anyone related to film circles. Winning this award, which is also commonly known as Oscars, is a true honor as they are given to only the best. The Academy awards are the pinnacle of appreciation an actor could get for the countless hours he or she spent preparing and delivering a role. Performers like Katherine Hepburn (4 Oscars) and Jack Nicolson (3 Oscars) hold the record for most wins and are an inspiration to all other actors young and old. Some actors and actresses have given many impressive performances in their career but are still waiting to win an Academy Award while some win it in a very short span of time. Although we are not referring to Leonardo di Caprio, Jennifer Lawrence or any other actors, there have been people who have amazed the world with their exceptional performances and got the honor of winning the Academy Award at a very early stage of their career. The following are the youngest Academy Award winners ever existed to win the Oscar.


10. Cuba Gooding, Jr

Cuba Gooding Jr

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Cuba Gooding, Jr is well known for some of his outstanding performances in movies including Boyz n the hood, As good as it gets and Jerry Maguire, which won him the Academy Award for best supporting actor. Cuba Gooding won the Academy Award at the age of 28.


9. Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones

Photo Credit = http://theredlist.com

Jennifer Jones is the only other Hollywood actress present in our list of youngest Academy Award winners who got her name listed on the Hollywood walk of fame (Anne Baxter has her name her too). Jennifer Jones won the Academy Award for best actress in 1943 for the movie The Song of Bernadette when she was just 25 years old. Jennifer Jones is known for her dominating acting and powerful roles.


8. Joan Fontaine

Joan Fontaine

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Joan Fontaine was one of the most popular beauty queens of her time and won the Academy Award for best actress at the age of 24. Joan Fontaine got the Oscar for Hitchcock’s Suspicion in 1941.


7. Anne Baxter

Anne Baxter

Photo Credit = http://theredlist.com

With her name forever preserved on the Hollywood walk of fame, Anne Baxter has pulled off some very impressive acting performance throughout her career for movies like The Ten Commandments and the Razor’s Edge. Anne Baxter won the Academy Award as well as Golden Globe award for best actress for her outstanding acting in The Razor’s edge in 1946.


6. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Photo Credit = www.wikimedia.org

Jennifer Lawrence is just 23 years old but up till now she has won several awards including the big Academy Award for best actress in 2012 for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Jennifer Lawrence became the 2nd youngest actress to win the best actress Academy Award after Marlee Matlin.


5. Marlee Matlin

Marlee Matlin

Photo Credit = www.wikimedia.org

Marlee Matlin is the only deaf performer in the world to win an Academy Award. She won the Academy Award at the age of 21 for best actress for her performance in Children of a Lesser God. This makes her the youngest actress to be honored with the highest Academy award till date.


4. Timothy Hutton

Timothy Hutton

Photo Credit = www.vtv.vn

Timothy Hutton is the youngest male actor ever in the history to win an Academy Award (the top three on this list are females. you figure). Timothy Hutton won the Academy Award at the age of 19 for best supporting actor in 1980 for his performance in Ordinary people.


3. Patty Duke

patty duke

Photo Credit = www.parentdish.ca

Patty Duke won the Academy Award for best supporting actress at the age of 16 for The Miracle worker (1962). She moved on to give one beautiful performance after another and cemented her name as an outstanding actress.


2. Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin

Photo Credit = http://latimesblogs.latimes.com

One of the most beautiful Hollywood actress now days, Anna Paquin won the Academy Award at the age of 11 for best supporting actress role in movie The Piano back in 1993 and is still going strong.


1. Tatum O’Neal

Tatum O'Neal

Photo Credit = www.sowhateverhappenedto.com


Tatum O’Neal won Academy Award in 1973 for best supporting actress in movie paper moon. Tatum O’Neal was just 10 years old when she won the most sought after award for any actor or actress around the globe. Tatum O’Neal was so nervous that she was shivering and shaking when she got the Academy Award and became the youngest person on earth to be honored with it.

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